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Indie Rock is a genre of alternative rock is extremely diverse, with subgenres that include Indie Pop, Jangle Pop, Alt Dance, Punk, Power Pop, Britpop, Goth, Grunge, Indietronica, Rockabilly, and more. Originally used to describe record labels, the term became associated with the music they produced and was initially used interchangeably with Alternative Rock. As Grunge and Punk revival bands in the US, and then Britpop bands in the UK, broke into the mainstream in the 1990s, it came to be used to identify those acts that retained an outsider and underground perspective. In the 2000s, as a result of changes in the music industry and the growing importance of the Internet, a number of Indie Rock acts began to enjoy commercial success, leading the genre itself towards an ... Read More

  415  Alternative Dance
  90  Alternative Metal
  2,815  Alternative Rock
  232  Britpop
  221  College Rock
  66  Dark Wave
  127  Emo
  201  Experimental Rock
  397  Garage Rock
  75  Goth
  60  Grindcore
  300  Grunge
  2,913  Indie Pop
  2,693  Indie Rock
  15  Indie Rock (pending categorization)
507  Indie Rock Singer-Songwriter
  648  Indietronica
  516  Industrial Rock
  58  Jam Bands
  179  Jangle Pop
  8  Neo-Psychedelia
  156  New Wave
  27  Political Rock
  518  Pop Punk
  163  Post-Punk
  478  Post-Rock
  154  Power Pop
  37  Psychobilly
  518  Punk
  240  Rockabilly
  167  Rocktronica
  129  Shoegaze
56  Ska Punk

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Best Selling Indie Rock Music Tracks
Adwise Music My Jetset (Early Mix) - Adwise Music
The Labrets Familiar Faces (Instrumental) - The Labrets
The Labrets Subway Station (Instrumental) - The Labrets
Carlos Estella Big Rocks On My Way - Carlos Estella
Jacco Willems You Are My Star - Jacco Willems
Lee Douglas My Baby - Lee Douglas
D.C. SoulPlusMind Waiting (Featuring Rachael Kanute) - D.C. SoulPlusMind
Erik Haddad Resonant Heart - Erik Haddad
The Rockin' Cinders Chance - The Rockin' Cinders
Felipe Adorno Vassao Nasty Friends (30-Secs Version) - Felipe Adorno Vassao
Ron Komie Make a Run for It (Full) - Ron Komie
Jedediah Olaus That's Just Me - Jedediah Olaus
The Underdogs Lovey Dovey - Instrumental - The Underdogs
The Story Changes New Ground - The Story Changes
Jon Lawson Sign of Life - Jon Lawson
Jason Meeks Not Enough to Get There - Jason Meeks
Cool Smart Things The Growler - Cool Smart Things
Christian Umlauf Teenagekicks Provoking Hit - Christian Umlauf
The Rockin' Cinders Lucky - The Rockin' Cinders
Nicholas Pesci All the Stupid - Nicholas Pesci
Bjorn Lynne Nascar Mayhem - Bjorn Lynne
Will Graettinger Pulser (Full) - Will Graettinger
Tracey and Vance Marino Don't Keep Me Waiting - Tracey and Vance Marino
Justin Crosby Freeway - 30 Second Version - Justin Crosby
Bjorn Lynne Cheerful Indie Rock (60-Secs Version) - Bjorn Lynne
Fab Claxton You Think You're So Good - Fab Claxton
MJ12 Why It's Gotta Be This Way - MJ12
Adwise Music Ready to Go (Joyful Arena Rocktronica) - Adwise Music
Bartok Music Gimme Luv - Bartok Music
The Gravitons Accelerator - The Gravitons
Ian Kirton Afterglow (60 Sec Cut) - Ian Kirton
Chris Hodges Foster the Indie Rock - Chris Hodges
Michael Harrison Walpole High School Glory - Michael Harrison Walpole
Gary Wolk Barnburner - Gary Wolk
Gracer 9.20.07 - Gracer
Colin Willsher Looking Down - Colin Willsher
Josh Wynter Brave New Tomorrows 30 - Josh Wynter
Twisterbait Lets Go Shopping Chorus Repeat Mad - Twisterbait
Ottavio Russo Celestial - Ottavio Russo
Hillbilly Hellcats Crazy Little Baby - Hillbilly Hellcats
Bloc Go, Go, Yeah! - Bloc
Dan Phillipson Down the Road - Dan Phillipson
Paul Vogrinc Return to Grace - Paul Vogrinc
Michele Rene Sal the FBI Agent - Michele Rene
Danny Rules Tyranny - Danny Rules
The Dirty T's I Just Want to Watch You Want to See Me Naked - The Dirty T's
Somatiq Audio Rolling On - Somatiq Audio
CitySound Indie Daydream (30 Sec) - CitySound
Charlie DeYoung Second Thoughts Instrumental - Charlie DeYoung
The Ambient Society Into the Moment Ft Spades - The Ambient Society
Gracer Maybe Someday (Acoustic/Instrumental) - Gracer
Adam Wedd and The Independents The Differences We Display - Adam Wedd and The Independents
The Whole Bolivian Army Run Girl Run - Instrumental - The Whole Bolivian Army
Ian Kirton Afterglow (No Drums, Bass Or LEAD) - Ian Kirton
Alana Porter Butterflies - Alana Porter
Space Taster Jet Pack - Space Taster
Jive Ass Sleepers Indie Lovers (Bed) - Jive Ass Sleepers
Alexey Maximov Sex Drugs Rock'n'Roll - Alexey Maximov
Nine Lies We R1 - Nine Lies
Eddie Caldwell Babydoll (Instrumental) Featuring Dvolume - Eddie Caldwell
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